Social media relationships….

Why do people feel the need to share all these aspects of their relationship?  Personally I see it as a lie. If someone is so happy why their partner what does it matter if the whole world knows. Keep that shit on the low. It’s not good to share everything, actually, that’s exactly how your buisness gets fucked up.
The sidenote of this is maybe these people are actually depressed. In reality they are desperately trying to create a cover of false happiness over their lives to make it more bearable for them. 

Can you buy happiness ???

The famous saying “money doesn’t buy happiness” is something I’ve heard all my life growing up in lower middle class. But the older I get the more false this statement seems. It seems rather a saying the rich tell the poor to comfort them. Any struggle I experience in my life can be made easier by having a larger bank account honestly. I’ve been trough hardships with and without money and I can tell you, money helps!!  Everything costs money. We can’t even eat of have a roof over our heads without!! “Money doesn’t buy happiness”?, well neither does being broke!!  If I am destine to be unhappy in my future I would rather be a miserable millionaire than a miserable bum. 

    If you can name a senerio in life (besides death of a loved one) that money couldn’t improve I would be glad to hear it👌👌
Coach out ✌️


So recently the coach (AKA myself) had a date planned with a certain girl. In my opinion, this girl was particularly of a rare kind, in my opinion though remember. She seemed smart down and down to watch, but yet not arrogant or conceded at all.  But then…

…As the eve of the date came up we started talking. First about other things, and then brought up the question if we were still getting together on the next day. The conversation went dead and has remained so for 3 days now😒. So again in my opinion, I was too quick to judge her in a positive way. I find the art of ignoring someone is a rude one to say the least. Lack of respect also shows a lack of class, something that I assumed this girl had an abundance of. In a way then I guess we create our own disappointments through expectation. People have different views on almost everything, don’t expect a person to feel the same way as you. The feeling in this story was respect, something I’ve learned she didn’t have.

Though still Situations like this should never be viewed in a negative manner. Moments of wisdom are few and far between. Thus Learning not to judge people too quickly truly does make you a wiser person. DONT BE QUICK TO JUDGE!!!!! 🙏✅🙏✅🙏

#coachout ✌️

Need a good man;

Sunday morning-

All the women that been out clubbing and getting fucked up all weekend talking about how a good man is so hard to find😐😐….lol smh good men are hard to find cuz they’re not looking for you sugar.😂…good men don’t Wana date drunken club rat party hoes. If u want a good man in your life then it’s time to become a good woman👌, and the Coach would be happy to help you young girls with that✅
#coachout ✌️💡✌